Social Justice

Mini Vinnies:

Students from years 5  & 6 volunteer to be part of ‘Mini Vinnies’.This group of young people get together to help those in need within their school and local community.

Mini Vinnies introduces children to social justice issues, to the St Vincent de Paul Society and to living faith through action.

Mini Vinnies facilitates social justice action across the St Joseph’s school community.   Social Justice  focus is on a local, national and international level.

1.Local  a) You Have a Friend:  Can Day    b) Our Lady of The Rosary – Lunch With Friends: Christmas care packages

  1. National   a) Caritas: Project Compassion,     b) St Vincent de Paul :  Winter Appeal
  2. International   a) Catholic Mission: Socktober    b) St Vincent de Paul: Assist-A-Student