It is an initiative of the Lismore Diocese to promote Evangelisation by working together to build a stronger Catholic future. You as parishioners are also part of this endeavor. Blessed John XX111 recognised the need to read the ‘signs of the times’, as we must do today, to build that strong Catholic future. In our parish we come from different eras, having different faith formations, but we all make up the body of Christ. As such we all have a variety of gifts that come from the same Spirit but make up the one body.
(1 Corinthians 12:4-11)
The challenge for us, is to recognize and value the variety of gifts and abilities that we all bring together as a Parish community. Accepting and respecting each other is how Jesus showed us to live.

The core values of Catholic Education are about:


  • Having a relationship with the Spirit of Jesus present in our daily lives.
  • Having a positive attitude to people and life. To live the Gospel Values of kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, tolerance, understanding, patience and the way we Greet, Treat and Speak (G.T.S.)  to people.


This is a life, long endeavor for everyone.

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is what St Joseph’s is all about. It is not a program but a way of life with Jesus as our mentor. Jesus has shown us how to love God and our neighbours. This requires us to be fully aware of our actions, attitudes and thoughts towards others like Jesus did.  We have to ask ourselves constantly  “What would Jesus do?”

MJR builds community by making each person acknowledge the way in which they behave, the choices they make and the impact those choices have on community. We all need to be positive role models so that the children will follow our lead. To fulfill our mission by building a positive, life giving, Christ-centered community, the school and parish need to work together in partnership.

How we GREET, TREAT AND SPEAK to people is a good place to start with MJR.
We begin with how we Welcome peopleHow we Encourage people to be better people
How we learn to say Sorry so we can begin the healing process and
How to learn to give Thanks and why we need to say thank you for everything that is done for us.

At school the children are encouraged to be Jesus by  becoming a
W.E.S.T. person where we  W – Welcome  E – Encourage   S – Say Sorry   T – Thanks.

We are Jesus when:

  • we meet and greet people and say hello or good morning,
  • we look and speak to others with respect,
  • we hold doors open for people (often strangers),
  • we smile or wink or spend time getting to know them and using their names,
  • we say sorry when we hurt them,
  • we do small random acts of kindness and give generously of our time and gifts,
  • we say thank you often.

Could you join us in doing this too? Are you up for the challenge? Let’s make St Joseph’s Parish a better community.

Pope Francis is calling for us to go back to basics and build a relationship with Jesus in the NOW of our lives.
Come on let’s MAKE JESUS REAL!


To make Jesus Real we need to become a W.E.S.T. person.  W – Welcome  E – Encourage   S – Say Sorry   T – Thanks
During the first term of each year we introduce one aspect of MJR each fortnight to the children and to the wider community.
You now can join in the conversation and as a family decide how you are going to make a difference.
Click on each  to find out what you can do.


Adapted from ‘Making Jesus Real’ –  Peter Mitchell in conjunction with Catholic Education Office Tasmania