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At St. Joseph’s Primary School we are called to create community. We understand that when people gather and interact, they do so as disciples with Christ in their midst. All aspects of school life will deepen our faith in Christ as the source of strength, values, commitment and direction particularly in Parish school relationships, climate, culture, parent partnership and engagement with the wider community.

We are called as witnesses to the faith through the teaching of Catholic doctrine, morality and everyday interaction, nurtured by spiritual formation, all are challenged to witness their faith through administration, curriculum and relationships.

As a school community we are called to promote, deepen and renew the faith in all our members through religious education, the way we teach and strategic planning.

We are called to follow Jesus’ Gospel teachings through prayer, Eucharistic celebrations and Christ- centred gatherings. Guided by our Lord’s nurturing presence, the school is actively involved in Parish life and promotes environmental management.

At St Joseph’s we are called to live out the Gospel command to ‘love one another as I have loved you,’ (John 15:12) through promoting an atmosphere of mutual support, justice and service for all members of the school community. In particular this is expressed in pastoral care, leadership styles, management of resources and students being educated to a life of service as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.


St. Joseph‘s Primary, Tweed Heads, is a Christian Community centred round the person of Christ.

At St. Joseph’s Primary, the teachers aim to instill in children Christian values an education in the Catholic Faith. The education That we offer the children is a progressive introduction to life in the community. We strive, not merely to impart information, but, by example, to bring about attitudes of concern, sharing, giving, forgiving and of thanking.

Our success in educating children depends largely upon the co-operation between pupils, parents and teachers. Similarly, we must work together to develop those skills suited to the child\’s age and ability, promoting a respect for human values and an openness to truth in every form.

We aim to:

  • Instil Christian Values and an education in the Catholic Faith
  • Offer a progressive approach to education with continual review of strategies and? processes used across all K.L.A.’s
  • Develop a strong spirit of co-operation between Staff, parents, Pupils and the wider Parish Community.

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